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♥ I'm a 26 year old woman who's trying to figure herself out. I was an English major. Now I teach.
♥ I'm a jaded romantic, a caffeine addict, an unwilling insomniac, an obsessive fangirl, a proud nerd, a dedicated vegetarian, and a pretty good friend.
♥ I read a lot. Books, essays, articles, meta, fanfiction, blogs, you name it.
♥ Otherwise, I’m probably working, spending time with family and friends, catching up on my shows, talking about what I’ve read/watched, attending conventions, eating something with peanut butter on it, doing yoga, travelling, or attempting to sleep.
♥ I also write fic on occasion.
♥ The things I fangirl the most are: Harry Potter, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Leverage, Friday Night Lights, White Collar, and One Direction.
♥ My ships include (but are not limited to) Harry/Draco, J2, SamnDean, Lee/Kara, Parker/Hardison, Caffrey & Burke, Zerrie, and Louis/Harry.
♥ I have been in fandom since about 2000, and on LJ since February 2003.
♥ My LJ is Friends Only. Feel free to say 'hi'.
♥ I do not automatically add back, especially without an introduction, and I will not add empty journals.
If you are looking for fic, this is not the journal you are looking for!
♥ I go on fairly long hiatuses because of work and travel.
♥ If at any time I find you are generally an offensive person, I'll defriend you. It's how I roll.
♥ Depending on the amount of caffeine I’ve had, I can be childishly happy and the biggest bitch you've ever met all in the same day.

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